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20 Tips from the Fashion Intern

I can’t believe it’s only been a month since I began interning at S. Rothschild in NYC…

Through the company, I’ve done work for Tahari, Tommy Hilfiger, Via Spiga, and DKNY-specifically in leather and outerwear areas. And as the intern, I’ve learned so much about the industry and myself as well. Here is a list of all my advise (from the practical to the funny) for interns, fashion or otherwise:

New Intern, Get Ready and Put on Your Game Face:

1. Don’t be nervous! They expect you to screw up anyway
3. Staying late earns respect and shows motivation
4. Try to figure things out yourself before asking
5. The UPS workers are best for directions
6. Practice your Illustrator Skills
7. Be willing to fix mistakes, even if they were not your fault
8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
9. Don’t be afraid to request some kind of stipend
10. Take note of the places they send you-you might use them in the future!
11. Learn to “smooze”
12. Some things will get repetitive/boring. Deal with it
13. Measure twice, cut once
14. If you are a living body, they WILL make you model
15. 80% of the time you will not find the right zipper
16. Always humor the cute, gay Italian designer
17. Ask questions about the industry
18. Sit in on meetings
19. Ask your employer to take you along with them on business related excursions
20. Even if the whole office talks smak about “Miss so-and-so” that doesn’t mean you should.


Hope it helps! And I’d love to hear some feedback about other interns’ experiences!


One comment on “20 Tips from the Fashion Intern

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