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Fresh Fruits

Everyone who knows Japanese Fashion knows the magazine and book publication, Fresh Fruits. (For those who are not familiar, it is a fascinating, glossy document covering the street fashion of … Continue reading

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Childrenswear: Royalty in Distress

From the ancient archives of Sophomore year, haha, here is my 2012 Childrenswear design project: Theme: “Tea Party” Royalty in Distressed, is a Victorian inspired line for girls age 5. … Continue reading

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A Demon Love Song

This fashion/art series is based on spirits. I love the idea that memories might linger within a specific place or object. Thus, I used places from my own life-the everyday … Continue reading

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Vintage Vixen

A beautiful day in Philadelphia! What better place for a photo op. than an old church? This look is very 1800’s with the tweed flared coat hem and big buttons. … Continue reading

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Cool Color Blocking

kp 1

Cool Color Blocking on the Parkway

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I Am No Bird, No Cage Will Hold Me

A set of art collages done in one of my textile classes. Set of 6 posters. P.S. You can buy any of these Prints at my Etsy store:   … Continue reading

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A Modern Wonderland

Happy Easter and Passover everyone! Late, late, late for an important date! Print and t-shirt by Madeleine Highland             Enjoy! ~Let your Darkness Shine   … Continue reading

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Pretty Pretty Picnic

Pretty Pretty Picnic by lumier-noire featuring hot pink shirts Here is my version. Textile Collection made in Adobe Illustrator. Mapped Prints in Accessories. Pretty Pretty Picnic- by Madeleine Highland

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Ghosts of the Past: Menswear Collection

Current Project: Menswear Theme- Scottish Ghosts by- Madeleine Highland There were two requirements: Use a tartan plaid and a knit. To begin, I researched scottish castles and the ghosts that … Continue reading

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Good Vs. Evil

Good Vs. Evil by lumier-noire featuring antique jewelry

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Lumier Noire: Let Your Darkness Shine

Lumier Noir will never tell you how to dress, what the latest runway trend is, or what celebrity is on the cover of this month's Vogue.

I believe fashion is a means to self-expression. I Believe in the contradictory, the bold,and the unusual.

I believe in letting your individuality show.
So let your darkness shine.


Shine On!